• Dynali Sector.
Dynali Industrial Enterprises. A divison of the Dynali imperium.

About Dynali Industrial Enterprises 

Dynali Industrial Enterprises is a manufacturing corporation from the government, Dynali Intergalactic Empire. When the Dynali Intergalactic Empire was created, they needed to have a good strict military, as well as a way to fund their new government. The Dynali Instrustrial Enterprises was the answer to that call with select ships chosen for production.When they started to produce starships, they looked back at the older designs of ships that have passed by their old age. Dynali Industrial Enterprises saw this as an opportunity as a majority of them have not been placed on the market in a very long time. Dividing their production into two sections, civilian and military, they were destined to take over the market.

 The civilian production line currently produces the J-Type 327, a sleek older starship for noble use while the Modular Conveyor is also back into production as some older pilots requested it and for those wishing to start out transporting on their own. The military production holds the N-1 Starfighter design for their fighter use with the Arquitens-class Light Cruiser for their frigates in the navy. However one ship in particular shares both markets which is the Muurian Transport, a design most thought has been lost through time and has now been put back on the market and shares the military and civilian production line respectively. 

 They do have a side production of blasters, each one created for their military though some are available to the select groups for sale. SE-14 Blaster Pistol, HSB-200 hold-out blaster and the DDC Defender have been made more publically for the market while the Stouker Concussion Rifle and the military rifles of the AXM-50 and B22 remain more for the Dynali Intergalactic Empire military. The TB-1A Ionisation Blaster has also been its debut once again, reviving the market to capture droids once again. 

 With the bar set high for creating products from an older time, the Dynali Industrial Enterprises set the bar and currently tries to exceed expectations with more products coming soon!